Optional Thursday Session

Thursday, August 22, 2019

  Hands-On Optional Course

Miladinov Milos, CDT - Digital Photography & Dentistry

Introduction to Dental Photography 

Portraits & Close-ups in dentistry 

Hands-On portion

  • Close-up photography Lips & Smiles
  • B&W portraits artistic
  • Headshots & Portraits with black and  white background

Introduction to digital dentistry 

Ceramist & Photographer "I find that our job is more than just a simple routine, we change lives and we have satisfaction every time from this. In order to keep this memories I combined my passion for ceramics with my the love for photography so I can show how beautiful our job is. My work as a ceramist started back in 2004, though I owned my lab since 2003, I made a big step forward when I started to take photos of my work and see my mistakes from another point of view. This is how it all started back in 2012 when I thought I made a good crown and wanted to show others. I took a photo and I changed my mind after seeing how bad that crown looked on a huge screen. Since then, every piece of work I do I take photo of. My advice: Always take photos of your work because those pictures will definitely improve your work, for me it changed everything in less than 2 years."