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FACD is dedicated to advancing the art and science of cosmetic dentistry for our members and their patients in the state of Florida. Caring for your patients is your passion.. and giving you the necessary tools to be the best is our business.

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Welcome to Florida Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry

Upcoming Meetings & Events

2015 FACD Annual Scientific Session & Trade Show
September 10th, 2015 to September 12th, 2015

FACD’s Annual Scientific Session & Trade Show is known as the best state or regional cosmetic dentistry meetings in the country. Even your peers agree!

2015 Featured Speakers

Achieving Excellence with Anterior Composites – From “Why” to “How”
by Newton Fahl, Jr., DDS, MS

Over the past twenty years, composite resins have spun from interim, monochromatic restorative materials to being a primary option when longer-lasting conservative, esthetic results are desired. Enhanced physical and optical properties, along with advancements in adhesive technology, now allow clinicians to confidently indicate composites and perform direct restorations that encompass from the simplest to the most complex scenarios. Furthermore, state-of-the art composite systems provide the ability to mimic the natural dentition in a manner that defies detection. In this presentation, Dr. Fahl will share scientifically based, clinically oriented information on how to achieve the utmost artistic and biologically sound results with composites in the anterior segment. Learning objectives include treatment planning, material and shade selection, and step-by-step slide and video presentations of Class IV restorations, direct veneers, and diastema closure, in addition to other unorthodox clinical challenges. After this lecture, the audience will leave with higher level of motivation and knowledge to use composite resins in the anterior dentition.

Learning Objectives:

  • Discuss treatment alternatives to anterior ceramic restorations that can elicit superbly esthetic and long-lasting results.
  • Introduce and discuss ideal physical and color properties of aesthetic composite restorative systems to allow the clinician to be able to select the right composite resin and implement it with confidence.
  • Utilize esthetic principles of composite resin shade matching and placement techniques to improve esthetics and placement time with composite resin restorations. 

Discuss finishing and polishing techniques for achieving proper anatomy, function and an enamel-like appearance.


“Prepless Veneers: What Part of ‘No-Prep’ Do You Not Understand?”
by Dennis Wells, DDS
This course will dispel some of the myths surrounding prepless dentistry.  Having focused on minimally invasive dentistry for over 12 years, Dr. Dennis Wells will demonstrate advanced design methods that have resulted in hundreds of successful cases with little to no tooth preparation.

Learning Objectives:

  • Show the criteria and methods for selecting the proper cases for a prepless approach.
  • Evaluate the various materials available to fabricate thin veneers, identifying their strengths and weaknesses.
  • Illustrate the similarities between polishing porcelain in the lab and post-cementation intra-oral finishing.
  • Explain the importance of developing properly contoured prototypes as a blueprint for no-prep veneer design.


by Alex Nottingham, Hollie Bryant and Larry Guzzardo

Total Practice Success: In this short session, participants will learn the top two competencies required for total practice success and explore the impact of how just 15 minutes a week can save or make a practice easily 10-15% in revenue.
Increase Your Phone GPA: The telephone is the first human interaction a new patient has with your dental office. Learn how to increase your Phone GPA - greater phone acceptance. Improved phone conversions positions your practice as the logical choice setting the patient up for case acceptance without gimmicks or sales techniques. We will see what Fortune 500 companies and scientists are telling us.
The Triple S Scheduling System: The art and science of scheduling has mystified many practices and can seem overwhelming. Learning productive scheduling has typically been relegated to long term consulting contracts. You don’t have to feel like you are out of the loop. Learn an extremely simple three-step process for making sure patients are scheduled effectively, show up, and come back for appointments.
Presenting From The Chair: Typically, presenting treatment has been reserved for treatment coordinators or the doctor. Not anymore. Learn how assistants and hygienists can join the treatment presentation team for increased case acceptance.
Patient Experience: The patient arrives at your office. Now what? Learn the best practices to enhance the patient experience. By mastering the patient experience, case presentation becomes a small and easy step in the entire patient process. Rally and motivate your team and improve the energy of your office. Physical improvements help, but internal improvements will set you apart from the rest.
Hiring & HR Primer: Get a quick human resources and hiring refresher in this fast paced lecture. Learn the basic steps in the hiring process and issues you need to be aware of in hiring and managing personnel.
Set Sail Team Exercise: Running a dental office can take you through rough waters. You need a seaworthy vessel to make it through turbulent times. Build a boat with your team to see if your office floats or sinks.


DTG Philosophy/The Prepless Foil Veneer
Presented by Von Grow

Warning: outside-the-box thinking required! The middle-of-the-road dentistry is gone. Soon you will have to decide what kind of a dentist, or a dental technician, you want to be. The Dental Technicians Guild , founded by Mr. Grow, is intended to provide a place where great dentists can find great technicians. The way to survive the coming times is to bond together with other like-minded individuals to raise the bar of dentistry. This course is guaranteed to make you THINK. The lecture will also include prep less and minimal prep cases utilizing the platinum foil method and how to successfully communicate your way through a case.

Von Grow began working in the industry in 1995, at Dentech Dental Lab. He served a mission for his church in Santiago, Chile for 2 years. After that, he moved to Utah, and worked at Utah Valley Dental Lab for 3 years under the tutelage of Mark Willes, studying cosmetic dentistry, and full mouth rehabilitation. In 2006, he began to take a lot of continuing education. Early influences include: Matt Roberts, Naoki Aiba, Michel Magne, Russell DeVreugd, and Nondas Vlachopoulos. Today, he is the founder of the Dental Technicians Guild, owner of Dark Horse Dental Studio, and Damaged Goods. Son of a factory worker, proud father of 4, passionate about dental technology, but mostly the people in it. He is committed to raising the bar of Dental Technology.

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FACD is dedicated to advancing the art and science of cosmetic dentistry for our members and their patients in the state of Florida. Caring for your patients is your passion... and giving you the necessary tools to be the best is our business.

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